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Publishers ~ FAQs


The Network that puts Publishers at a Premium

Why use AdsPilot?

AdsPilot offers comprehensive marketing solutions that are available for Publishers so that they can generate the maximum revenue from their unsold or non-guaranteed inventory. We provide one-stop access to direct advertisers demand, quality advertising offers from numerous demand-side platforms, RTBs, exchanges, and audience-based sources with real-time bidding capabilities at higher CPMs. We are able to monetize all your remnant traffic with no hassle.

How do I get started?

All you need to do is to fill out the Publisher Sign Up form. Once your site is approved, we will email your account login credentials along with our customized tags.

How much does it cost to join your ad network?

There is no joining or set up fee. Our service is absolutely free for all Publishers. Additionally, we do not require any exclusivity contracts.

What are minimum requirements in order to be considered as the AdsPilot publisher?

Publisher's website should:

  • have a minimum of 150,000+ impressions per month;
  • have at least 70%+ of real combined traffic coming from US, UK, CA, AU and/or Western EU countries*;
  • be in English or in any major European languages;
  • have a top-level domain;
  • have a family friendly and frequently updated content;
  • have a unique and professional design;
  • have a valid Privacy Policy;
  • be reviewed and approved by McAfee;
  • not listed as a suspicious by Google Safe Browsing

* Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, France, Spain, Portugal, Finland, Norway, Belgium, Austria, Denmark, Italy, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein 

For more information, please read Publisher Terms and Acceptance Agreement

What ad units does AdsPilot support?

Currently AdsPilot offers the following IAB ad units for its Publishers:

- 728x90 (Leaderboard)
- 160x600 (Wide Skyscraper)
- 300x250 (Medium Rectangle)
- 468x60 (Full Banner)
- 120x600 (Skyscraper)

How many banners can I put on a single page?

You can put up to three different banner formats on one page.

See example below:

You can't put two or more same size banner on the same page. But you can put 728x90 + 300x250 + 160x600, or any other banner combination formats on the same page.

Please note: We do not pay for multiple same size placements on the same page and if placements on put, we will ban the abuser immediately.

Can I place the AdsPilot html code (tag) on more than one website?

We provide a brand-safe environment for our advertisers, so we need to be sure that their ads appear on approved publisher sites only. For this purpose, we use URL-filtering feature on our ad management platform. In short, you can put our tags on approved domains only. If you have many sites in your network, please send us all your additional URLs for approval first. Once it's approved, we will add all your extra domains to your existing AdsPilot account and send you custom tags ”by domain”.

Can I mix the AdsPilot tags with other ad networks tags?

Yes. You can mix the AdsPilot tags with other ad networks tags. Moreover, if you put our tags in addition to your other media partners’ ads you will increase your monthly earnings for sure.

How much do I get paid?

We work with our Publishers on a revenue share basis. Publishers receive up to 70% of revenue generated from their inventory.

When will I get paid?

Payments are sent within 60 days (NET-60 policy) from the end of each calendar month for the previous month activity, either by PayPal or Bank Wire. We guarantee on-time payments.

 See example below:

If you start running the AdsPilot tags in January, you will receive your payment by March 15.

Is there a minimum payment?

PayPal requires a minimum of $100 USD in earnings; Bank Wire requires a minimum amount of $1,000.00. If Publisher's revenue does not meet the minimum amount criteria, the accrued amount will be carried over to the next date of revenue distribution.

Does AdsPilot provide an access to real-time statistics reports?

AdsPilot provides 24/7 access to highly customizable real-time statistics reports through easy-to-use interface. Statistics updates normally happen every 2-3 hours.

Does AdsPilot monitor and prevent click/impressions fraud?

Yes. AdsPilot takes impressions and clicks fraud very seriously. Any methods that artificially generate clicks or impressions on the AdsPilot ads are strictly prohibited. We ban Publisher immediately who practices such methods. AdsPilot team carefully monitors all impressions and clicks 24/7 to protect our advertisers from fraudulent activity. We use an innovative impressions-fraud detection score algorithm, double-click prevention, URL-filtering, blacklist, and many other advanced features. In addition, AdsPilot uses 3rd-party impressions/click-fraud detection software from reputable media provider. All clicks and impressions are analyzed by innovative Traffic Quality Management software. Should you have any concerns about this issue, please use our Contact Us form and report an abuse.

I'm an International, can I join?

Yes. We do accept Non-English sites.

How do I update my account information?

Please contact the AdsPilot customer support through Contact Us form and provide your updated information. We will update it for you during the next 48 hours.

Still have questions?

Please Contact Us, our representative will contact you shortly.

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