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Advertisers ~ Guidelines


General Requirements:

  • Creative must be sized at 72 dpi resolution
  • Animated (GIF) banners should have at least 3 seconds between frames and maximum of 5 frames in total
  • SWF creative must have a clickTag

Before you send your SWF creative for review, make sure that the following 
parameters coded correctly:

  • ClickTag is used in the URL
  • The target window is set appropriately

See example below:
getURL(_root.clickTag, "_blank");

For more detailed information on implementing clickTag, visit Flash Banners with Tracking Capabilities

Accepted File Formats:

  • JPEG
  • GIF
  • SWF (Flash)
  • 3rd party ad tags must be from approved ad servers

Available Units and Maximum File Size:


Ad Unit Dimensions Max File Size Max Animation Length Looping Limits
Leaderboard 728w X 90h 39 KB 15 sec 3
Medium Rectangle 300w X 250h 39 KB 15 sec 3
Wide Skyscraper  160w X 600h 39 KB 15 sec 3
Full Banner 468w X 600h 39 KB 15 sec 3
Skyscraper 120w X 600h 39 KB 15 sec 3


Ad Unit Dimensions File Format Basic File Size Enhanced File Size
Smartphone formats:
XX-Large Image Banner 320w X 50h gif, png, jpg 5 KB 7.5 KB
X-Large Image Banner 300w X 50h gif, png, jpg 5 KB 7.5 KB
Large Image Banner 216w X 36h gif, png, jpg 3 KB 4.5 KB
Medium Image Banner 168w X 28h gif, png, jpg 2 KB 3 KB
Small Image Banner 120w X 20h gif, png, jpg 1 KB 1.5 KB
Rich media X-large banner :  
  - Collapsed size 300w X 50h gif, png, jpg 10 KB -
  - Expanded size 300w X 250h gif, png, jpg Up to 39 KB -
Tablet formats:
Medium Rectangle 300w X 250h gif, png, jpg Up to 39 KB -
Leaderboard iPad /Android 728w X 90h gif, png, jpg Up to 39 KB -
Skyscraper iPad /Android 120w X 600h gif, png, jpg Up to 39 KB -


Entirely Prohibited Content:

Creatives and/or Landing Page must not contain, depict, or provide access to:
  • Content that infringes the rights of others (including but not limited to copyright and other intellectual property rights) or promotes copyright piracy (i.e. unauthorized MP3s, roms, 'warez', emulators, or cracks, etc.)
  • Content that show or offer illegal product or services adult, pornographic, sexual, nudity and other “adult” content (incl. adult third-party advertisement, adult animation, adult drawings, etc.)
  • Content featuring the sale of drugs, pharmaceuticals, or drug paraphernalia that is illegal content that is related to promotions and/or incentives rewarding users for spending time on sites, or clicking on ads, etc.
  • Content of excessive profanity or violence content featuring the sale of or instructions to create bombs, guns, ammunition, or other weapons
  • Content that displays fake errors or warnings to induce user action, including, for instance, warnings about viruses, missing codecs, and corrupt disks
  • Files that execute or download without intentional user interaction
  • Offers that charge for government forms or services that are available free, or for a lesser charge from the government
  • Content that are illegal, fake and/or violate rights of other people
  • Content that give any type of profit on any type of human disaster/s
  • Content of hate speech, or hate graphics content
  • Content that includes "get paid to click" or "get paid to read" programs, and/or any other pyramid schemes


URL, Landing Page, Language, Brand, Action: 

  • URL should be active and work correctly
  • URL should not be linked to a blank page, or a page which is "Under Construction" or has incorrect coding, or errors on it
  • URL should not contain rotating landing pages
  • URL should not link to an executable file or any download
  • All products/services that are offered by advertiser must comply with applicable laws & regulations
  • Landing page must match the offer of the advertisement
  • Landing page should not have any adult, pornographic, sexual or erotic content (incl. adult third-party advertisement, adult animation,  adult drawings, etc.)
  • Landing page should not have any harmful material such as spyware, malware, viruses, Trojans, etc.
  • Landing page should not require a login to view the website content
  • Lading page should not connect with any type of illegal activities like spamming, phishing, spoofing etc.
  • Language of the landing page must match the language of the creative. For example, if the creative in French, the landing page must  be in French as well
  • Each creative must have a single brand or product associated with the creative. We accept multiple brands/products combined that make a single advertising offer. Creatives may not rotate brands/products.
  • Clicking on an ad must not initiate a download of any type of files

Creatives and landing page URLs are subject to approval prior to going live on the AdsPilot network. AdsPilot reserves the right to reject any creative at its own discretion.

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